Norwegian Stamps 2000


February 9th 2000 Definitive Stamps.

Norwegian Flowers.


February 9th 2000 Valentines Day.

Valentine's Day.


April 7th 2000 Oslo 1000 years

Celebrating Oslo's 1000 years.


April 7th 2000 Tourist Stamps.

Kings of the Animal Worls.

June 2nd 2000 EXPO 2000.

EXPO 2000.

June 2nd 2000 Army Academy.

Army Academy 250 Years.

June 2nd 2000 Definitive Stamps.

Norwegian Inventions.

June 2nd 2000 Definitive Stamps.

Fishes and Fishingtools.

September 15th 2000 Norway 2000.

New Millenium.

September 15th 2000 Skien 1000 years.

Celebrating the City of Skien.

September 15th 2000 Lars Levi Lęstadius.

Celebating Lars Levi Lęstadius

November 17th 2000 Christmas Stamps.

Christmas Stamps.

November 17th 2000 Altar Pieces.

Old Norwegian Altar Pieces.


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