Norwegian Stamps 1997
January 2nd 1997 Definitive Stamps.
Red clover, Cats foot, Lilly of the valley, Blue bell and Daisy.

January 2nd 1997 Definitive Stamps.

January 2nd 1997 Definitive Stamps.
Bumblebee and Ladybird.

February 20th 1997 World championships.
World Championships Nordic Skiing in Trondhem.

April 16th 1997 Royal birthdays.
King Harald V and Queen Sonja 60 years.

April 16th 1997 Norwegian Post 350 years.
Historic Events after World War II.

April 16th 1997 Tourist Stamps.
Places in Norway.

June 6th 1997 Trondheim 1000 years.
Celebrating Trondheim's 1000 year long history.

June 6th 1997 Einar Gerhardsen 100 years.
Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen.

September 19th 1997 Persons Jubelees.
Composer Harald Sæverud and author Tarjei Vesaas.

September 19th 1997 Childres Stamp-collecting Club.
Norwegian Post starts chidrens stamp collecting club.

November 26th 1997 Petter Dass 350 years.
Author, priest and murchant Petter Dass.

November 26th 1997 Christmas Stamps.
Primstav, old calendar.

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