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Norwegian Stamps 1996
Februar 22nd, 1996 Svalbard.
Advent valley (from Svalbard) and polarbear.

Februar 22nd, 1996 Definitive stamps.
Vildberries (Straw-berries and cloud-berries)

April 18th,1996 Olympic games 100 years.
100 years since the first lympic games in modern times in Athens, april 1896

April 18th,1996 Turist stamps
Culture, history and magnifisant nature.

June 19th,1996 Troll oilfield.
Opening of oilproduction on the Troll-oilfield in the North Sea.

June 19th,1996 Railvay jubilees.
The Setesdal railway and the Urskog-Høland railway100 years.

September 20th,1996 Film in Norway for 100 years.
Scens from norwegian and foreign films.
100 years ago "living pictures" were first shown in puplic in Norway.

September 20th,1996 Post 350 years.
Postal services and means of kommunication.

Amalie Skram 150 år (1846 - 1905).
150 years since the birth of author Amalie Skram.

Christmas stamps.
Detail of embroidery from a national costume for women

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