Norwegian Stamps 1995
February 23rd 1995 Norwegian pharmacy 400 years.
400 years since the first Royal Licence to run a pharmacy in Norway.

February 23rd 1995 Forest berries. (Cowberries and Bilberries)

May 8th 1995 Norden XI.
Travelling in the Northern Countries.

May 8th 1995 Liberation day.
50 years since liberation from German occupation Mai 8th 1945.

May 8th 1995 Churches for 1000 years.
1000 years since Christianity was introduced in Norway.

June 26th 1995 Kirsten Flagstad 100 years (1895 - 1962).
100 year jubilee for operasinger Kirsten Flagstad's birth 12.07.1895

June 26th 1995 Conciliation boards 200 years.
200 years since Conciliation boards was established in Norway.

September 22nd 1995 United Nations 50 years.
50 years since the treaty for the United Nations was signed in San Fransisco 25-6-1945.
The Organisation formaly started its functions 24-10-1945.

September 22nd 1995 Post 350 years.
Celebrating the 350 year long history of Norwegian Postal services.

November 24th 1995 King Harald V
New values.

November 24th 1995 Cristmas 1995.
Christmas Stamps.
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