Norwegian Stamps 1991
February 21st 1991 Norwegian fauna IV
Definitive stamps. New values.

February 21st 1991 Norwegian shipbuilding industries.
LNG gass tanker and KAPLAN-turbine.

April 16th 1991 Europa XXIII.
European conference on post and telecommunications (CEPT). Subject: Space research.

April 16th 1991: Kristiansand 350 years.
350 years since Christians Sand was founded by King Christian IV in 1641.

June 7th 1991 Society for the salvaging of shipwrecked sailors 100 years.
100 years since the society was founded in 1891.

June 7th 1991 Northern Countries IX
Subject: Tourism.

October 11th 1991 Steel engraving.
Pictures of the different phases in an engravers work.

October 11th 1991 Norwegian Olympic Champions III.
Birger Ruud, Johan Grøttumsbråten, Knut «Kupper'n» Johannesen og Magnar Solberg.

November 22nd 1991 Posthorn.
Definitive stamps. Posthorn - Values in "Kroner".

November 22nd 1991 Christmas stamps.
Traditional christmas games.

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