Norwegian Stamps 1990
February 23rd 1990 Norwegian fauna III
Definitive stamps.

February 23rd 1990 Orchids I.
Definitive stamps.

February 23rd 1990 Winter Cities Tromsø 1990.
Conference of cities on the northen hemispfere.

April 9th 1990: Stamps 150 years.
150 years since the first stamp of the world was issued in England on the 6th of april 1840.

April 9th 1990 50 years since the German Attack on Norway in 1940.
Symbolises the 5 year long fight for freedom.

June 14th 1990 Petter Wessel Tordenskiold
300 years since the Norwegian sea-hero was born in 1690.

June 14th 1990 Europe XXII.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

October 5th 1990 Norwegian Olympic Champions II.
Thorlei Haug, Sonja Henie, Ivar Ballangrud and Hjalmar Andersen.

October 5th 1990 Johan Svendsen 150 years.
150 years since Norwegian Composer Johan Svendsen was born.

November 23rd 1990 Nobels Peaseprice.
Winner of The Nobel Peaseprice in 1930: Nathan Söderblom.

November 23rd 1990 Christmas stamps.
Childrens Christmas.

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