Norwegian Stamps 1989
February 20th 1989 Norwegian fauna II.
Definitive stamps.

February 20th 1989 Mushroms III.
Definitive stamps.

February 20th 1989 World Championships in Cross-country racing.
The Championships were held in Stavanger 18th and 19th of march 1989.

April 20th 1989: City jubilees.
The two northernmost cities in Norway celebrates its first 200 years.

April 20th 1989 Northern Countries.
National costumes.

June 7th 1989 Europa XXI.
European Conference of Post and Telecomunications. (CEPT).

June 7th 1989 Elementary Scools for 250 years.
250 years since the first laws on Elementary Schools in Norway.

October 6th 1989 Norwegian Art VIII.
Painting by artist Jakob Weidemann.

October 6th 1989 Norwegian Olympic Champions I.
Bjørg Eva Jensen, Eirik Kvalfoss, Tom Sandberg and Berit Aunli, Brit Pettersen, Inger Helene Nybråten and Anne Jahren.

November 24th 1989 Jubelees.
Celebrating authors Arnulf Øverland (100 years) and Hanna Olava Wisnes (200 years).

November 24th 1989 Norwegian Estates.
Estates in Larvik and Rosendal.

November 24th 1989 Christmas stamps.
Christmas tree decorations.
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