Norwegian Stamps 1988
February 18th1988 Norwegian fauna I
Definitive stamps.

February 18th 1988 Salvation Army.
100 years since The Salvation Army was founded in Norway.

April 26th 1988 Mushroms II.
Definitive stamps.

April 26th 1988: Military jubelees.
The building services of the army 300 years, comunications forces 100 years and enginearing forces 100 years.

April 26th 1988 European campaign on the north - south problems.
Symbolises north - south.

July 1th 1988 Europe XX.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

July 1th 1988 King Olav V.
King Olav the Fifth 85 years

October 7th 1988 King Christian IV.
400 years since King Christian the Fourth became Norwegian and Danish king.

October 7th 1988 Sports.
Handball, football (soccer), basketball and volletball.

November 15th 1988 Christmas stamps.
"Ludvig", popular figure in books by author Kjell Aukrust.
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