Norwegian Stamps 1987
February 12th 1987 Numbers in colour

February 12th 1987 Ornaments II.
Definitive stamps.

April 3rd 1987 Europe XIX.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

April 3rd 1987: Laws of local ruling.
150 years since laws for local rule was introduced in Norway.

May 8th 1987: Norway - Somalia.
Norwegian Red Cross rehabilitation center in Mogadishu, Somalia.

May 8th 1987 Mushroms I.
Definitive stamps.

June 10th 1987 Museum anniversary.
100 years since the museum "Sandvigske samlinger" was founded.

August 25th 1987 Composer Fartein Valen 100 years.
100 years since Norwegian composer Fartein Valen was born.

October 79h 1987 Fish breeding.
Shows different stages of fish breeding.

October 9th 1987 Norwegian painting VII.
Paintings by Norwegian artists Christian Krogh and Gerhard Munthe.

November 12th 1987 Horse breeds.
Tree diferent Norwegian horse breeds.

November 12th 1987 Christmas stamps.
Cristmas preparations.
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