Norwegian Stamps 1986
February 18th1986 World Championships Biathlon
Issued in connection with the World Championships in Biathlon in Oslo.

February 18th 1986 Ornaments I.
Definitive stamps.

April 11th 1986 Europe XIX.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

April 11th 1986: Union of Craftsmen 100 years.
Stone mason and carpenter at work.

May 27th 1986 Nordic Countries VII.
Friendship towns on the Nordic Countries.

October 17 1986 Papermill industries.
Paper production from raw material to finished paper.

October 17h 1986 Persons jubelees.
Hans Poulsen Egede 300 years, Herman Wildenvey 100 years, Tore Ørjasæter 100 years and Engebret Scot 200 years.

November 26th 1986 Christmas stamps.
Glasspaintings by Gabriell Kielland in "Nidarosdomen" Church in Trondheim.

November 26th 1986 United Nation's pease year.
Pease pigeon flying.
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