Norwegian Stamps 1985
April 18th 1985 Mountains in Antarctica
Mount Sagbladet and mount Hoggestabben in Antarctica.

May 8th 1985 40 years since liberation from German occupation.
Homecomming af Crownprince Olav 13.05.1945. Photo by Sverre Heiberg

May 22nd 1985 Artillery.
The Norwegian artillery 300 years and School for educating artillery officers 200 years.

May 22nd 1985 Fortress of Kongsten.
300 years since the fortress was build south og the city of Fredrikstad.

June 19th 1985 The internation year for youth.

June 19th 1985 Europe XVII.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

September 6th 1985 Electricity supply.
100 years since the development of electricity supply was started.

October 4th 1985 Oil production.
Oil production in the North Sea.

October 4th 1985 Library.
Deichmanske Bibliotek (Library of Deichman) in Olso 200 years.

November 14th 1985 Harbour Services.
250 years since the state established harbour services, and 200 years since the firs sea maps was drawn.

November 14th 1985 Christmas stamps.
Common Norwegian Christmas Motives.

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