Norwegian Stamps 1984
February 24th 1984 Postal work
The Norwegian Postworkers Union 100 years.

April 10th 1984 Sports fishing.
Fishing in a Lake, fishing for salmond and deep sea fishing.

April 10th1984 Christopher Hansteen.
200 years since astronomist and geophysist Christopher Hansteen was born.

June 4th 1984 Europe XVI.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

June 4th 1984 The Norwegian Garden Society 100 years.
100 years since the society was founded.

June4th 1984 Societies jubelees.
Norwegian Bee-keepers Society and Norwegian Poultry-breeding Society 100 years.

October 5th 1984 Ludvig Holberg (1684 - 1754).
300 years since poet Ludvig Holberg was born.

October 5th 1984 Weekly magazines.
150 years since the first weekly magazine was published.

November 15th 1984 Parliamentarism 100 years.
100 years since parliamentarism was established.

November 15th 1984 Christmas Stamps.
Popular figures from author Kjell Aukrust's fairy-tales.
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