Norwegian Stamps 1983
February 16th 1983 Buildings V.
Old food-storage house and Lindesnes lighthouse.

February 16th 1983 Norwegian dogs.
Norwegian "Buhund", Norwegian Elk-dog and Norwegian Puffin-dog.

March 24th1983 Nordic Countries VI.
Common subject for the Nordic Countries: Travelling.

April 14th1983 Norwegian Birds IV.
Birds of the Svalbard Islands: Branta leucopsis and Alle alle.

May 3rd 1983 Europe XVI.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

May 3rd 1983 Unite Nations year of communication.

June 22nd 1983 King Olav V.
King Olav V 80 years.

October 7th 1983 Jonas Lie (1833 - 1908).
150 years since author Jonas Lie was born.

October 7th 1983 Boats.
Boats from the Northern parts of Norway.

November 17th 1983 King Olav V. Stamps with high values
Portrait of King Olav V. Definitive stamp.

November 17th 1983 Christmas Stamps.
Oldfashioned Cristmas.
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