Norwegian Stamps 1981
February 26th 1981 Norwegian birds.
Definitive stamps.

February 26th 1981 Buildings III.
Definitive stamps.

March 24th1981 Norwegian milkproducers association.
Norwegian milkproducers association 100 years.

May 4th1981 Europe XII.
Europeen conference of Post and telecomunications.

May 4th 1981 Sailing wessels.
Different sailing ships.

June 11th 1981 Shipping on lakes.
Ships on inland lakes.

August 25th 1981 International year for disabled.
Celebrating the international year for disabled people.

October 9th 1981 Norwegian paintings V.
Paintings by artists Harriet Backer and Kitty Lange Kielland.

November 25th 1981 Nobel Peaceprice 1921.
Christian Lous Lange and Hjalmar Branting.

November 25th 1981 Norwegian tapestry.
Old norwegian tapestry.
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