Norwegian Stamps 1979
March 2nd 1979 "Holmenkollen" ski championships 100 years.
100 years since the first ski championships was held in Holmenkollen in Oslo.

April 26th 1979 International year for Children.
Paintings by Mathias Stoltenberg and Heinrich Christian Friedrich Hosenfelder.

June 13th 1979 Norwegian Nature III.
Definitive Stamps.

September 4th 1979 Johan Falkberget (1879 - 1967).
100 years since author Johan Falkberget was born.

October 5th 1979 Norwegian engeneering.
Bridge, Dam and Oil-platform.

October 5th 1979 NORWEX 80.
Intenational Stamp exhibishion in Oslo june 13th - 22nd 1980.

November 22nd 1979 Flowers III.
Norwegian flowers. Definitive Stamps.

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