Norwegian Stamps 1976
January 20th 1976 Definitive Stamp.
Hylestad Church

February 25th 1976 Norwegian Folk-dances.
The dances are: Halling, Springar and Gangar.

March 25th 1976 Museum for Handcrafts 100 years.
Sugar Shaker in Silver and Crystal Cup

May 3rd 1976 Europe X.
European conference on post and telecommunications. CEPT.

May 20th 1976 Norwegian Nature I.
Mountain "Prekestolen" and Balestrand by Sogne fjord.

July 1st 1976 Central Statistics Bureau.
Central Statistics Bureau is 100 years.

September 10th 1976 Olav Duun (1876 - 1939).
Celebrating the 100th birtday of author Olav Duun.

October 8th 1976 Norwegian Painting II.
Paintings by Thomas Fearnley and Lars Hertervig.

November 5th 1976 Christmas Stamps.
"Baldishov" tapestry (about 1200).
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