Norwegian Stamps 1975
January 15th 1975 Skiing.
Issued to promote skiing

February 18th 1975 Definitive stamp.
New value.

March 7th 1975 International year for Women.
United Nations International Year for Women.

April 17th 1975 Architecture.
European year for the preserving of old architecture.

May 20th 1975 Monetary reform and metric reform 100 years.
100 years since Norway introduced Kroner and Øre as monetary system, and joined the metric convention.

June 19st 1975 Scouting.
International World-jamboree for scouts.

July 4th 1975 Emigration to Amerika.
150 years since the first Norwegians emigrated to Amerika.

August 14th 1975 Svalbard Treaty 50 years.
50 years since Norway gained souvereignty of the arctic arkipelago Svalbard (Spitsbergen).

October 9th 1975 Broadcasting 50 years.
50 years since the first public broadcasting was started in Norway.

November 14th 1975 Christmas Stamps.
Paintings from the church in Al (from about 1175).
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