Norwegian Stamps 1974
February 22nd 1974 Definitive stamp.
New value.

April 24th 1974 Tourist Stamps.
Lindesnes and Nordkapp.

May 21st 1974 Norwegian Paintings I.
Paintings by Adolph Tiedeman, Hans Fredrik Gude and Johan Christian Clausen Dahl.

June 21th 1974 The laws of King Magnus Lagabøte.
700 years since the first law-book was written in Norway (1274 - 76).

August 15th 1974 Labour-protection laws.
Environment at work.

September 4th 1974 Norwegian geologists.
Johannes HermanLie Vogt, Victor Moritz Goldschmidt, Theodor Kjerulf and Waldemar Christopher Brøgger.

October 9th 1974 Union Postale Universelle.
Buildings from different countries and people from different countries.

November 14th 1974 Christmas Stamps.
Old traditional Norwagian painting.
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