Norwegian Stamps 1973
February 15th 1973 Definitive stamp.
New value.

February 28th 1973 Armauer Hansen (1841 - 1912).
The discovery of the Lepra germ.

April 30th 1973 Europa IX.
European Conference for Post and Telecommunications.

June 26th 1973 Nordic Conference of Postal Services in Reykjavi, Iceland.
The House of the Nordic Countries in Reykjavik.

July 2nd 1973 King Olav V.
King Olav V 70 years.

August 22nd 1973 Jacob Aall (1773 - 1844).
200 years since Industrialist and Politician Jacob Aall was born.

October 9th 1973 Sami handcraft.
Handcraft by the Sami people who live in the north of Norway.

November 15th 1973 Flowers II.
Definitive Stamps.

December 14th 1973 Map production.
200 years since the authority which is responcible for official maps of Norway was founded.
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