Norwegian Stamps 1972
February 23rd 1972 Definitive stamp.
New value.

Aprl 10th 1972 Norwgian Saving Banks.
Norwegian Saving Banks 150 years.

May 6th 1972 Posthorn Stamp.
100 years since the first Posthorm Stamp was issued.

August 3rd 1972 King Haakon VII (1872 - 1957).
100 years since King Haakon VII was born.

August 15th 1972 Youth and spare time.
Issued in connection with a drawing competition among young Norwegians.

August 25th 1972 Interjunex 72.
Issued in connection with th 2nd international stamp exhibition for youth.

September 20th 1972 Polar ships.
Ships used in the exploration of the polar areas: Maud, Fram and Gjøa.

November 15th 1972 Fairytale II.
Theodor Kittelsen's illustations of Norwegian Fairytales.
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