Norwegian Stamps 1969

January 23rd 1969 Definitive stamps.
New Paper.

January 23rd 1969 Definitive Stamps.
From Urnes Church.

February 28th 1969 Nordic Cooperation.
Same Stamps issued in the five Nordic Countries.

March 24th 1969 Travelling and Trafic Safety.
100 years since the first timetables for travelling in Norway was issued.

April 28th 1969 Europe VIII.
European Conference for Post and Telecommunications.

May 30th 1969 Johan Hjort (1869 - 1948).
100 years since Professor John Hjort was born.

June 18th 1969 Definitive Stamp.
The Island of Træna.

August 14th 1969 Definitive Stamp.
King Olav V.

September 8th 1969 Gustav Vigeland (1869 - 1943).
100 years since Sculptur Gustav Vigeland was born.

October 10th 1969 Sensus.
200 years since the first Sensus was performed in Norway.

November 3rd 1969 Definitive Stamps.
King Olav V.

November 26th 1969 Queen Maud (1869 - 1938).
100 years since Queen Maud was born.
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