Norwegian Stamps 2017

October 7th Cars.
NK 1969
Norwegian Cars.

NK 1969: Think, 1999 In 1972 inventor Lars Ringdal developed a city car concept and produced two prototypes. The idea did not take off then, but in the 1980s the plans were dusted off and new prototypes were produced. 16 Think cars were driving around downtown Lillehammer during the 1994 Olympics. Another 120 were produced in 1995-96 for testing. The breakthrough came in 1999 when Ford bought 51 percent of the shares. More than 1,000 Think Classics had been built at the factory in Aurskog when production stopped in 2002. The new Think City was taken into production in 2006, but the definitive end was reached after 460 were produced.
Design: Enzo Finger, Foto: Jan Otto Ringdal