January 2nd Birds  Great grey owl
Snowy owl
Rough-legged buzzard
February 16th Bouvet island  Antarctic fur seal
Chinstrap penguin
April 20th Personal Stamps  Personal Stamps 1
Personal Stamps 2
My Personal Stamp 1
My Personal Stamp 2
April 20th Europa 2018  Bridges
Miniature sheet
April 20th Nordic 2018  Fishes
April 20th Jubelee  Childrens Bras Band
Kampen janitsjarorkester Marching Band
June 15th Person's Jubelee  Gunnar Sønsteby
June 15th The Norwegian Tourist Association 150 years  Padling in Vesterålen
Hikers on the Road to Fannaråki
At Grøhøgdbu on Venabygd mountain
Svartvassbu in Rauma
June 15th Jubelee  Fløybanen150 Years
Fløybanen150 Years
August 28th Jubelee  Royal Golden Jubelee
October 6th Jubelee  Zip Codes fro 50 Years