January 2nd Birds  Merlin
Eurasian hobby
February 6th Celebrations  Sami flag and Sami Parliament
Sami flag and Elsa Laula Renberg
February 21st Celebrations  Queen Sonja
King Harald V
April 21st Viking Ship  The Tune Ship
The Tune Ship
April 21st The National Archives  The National Archives, 200 Years
April 21st Castles, Europa 2017  Akershus Castle
The Royal Castle
June 16th City Jubelee  Fredrikstad
June 16th World Championship Cycling  Cycling
June 16th Persons Jubelee  Marcus Thrane
Eilert Sundt
October 7th Norwegian Cars  Mustad "Giganten" 1917
Bjerring 1921
Troll 1956
Think 1998
Miniature Sheet
November 10th Heaing Issues  Empty Talking Bubbles
"I Love You"
November 10th Christmas Stamps  Christmas Night in the City
Christmas Night in th Countryside