january 2nd Norwegian Art II  Kjell Nupen
Irma Salo Jæger
January 2nd Wild Animals in Norway III  Roe Deer
February 20th Global Warming  Global Warming I
Global Warming II
Miniature Sheet
March 2nd Personalized Stamp  Hepatica
My Stamp
April 17th National Anthem.  "Ja vi elsker"
April 17th Tourist Stamps.  Oslo - Bergen Railroad
Oslo - Bergen Railroad
Støtta Fjord
Revtange at Klepp
Northern Light
Kanesteinen at Vågsøy
June 12th Europe 2009, Astronomy.  Solar Explotion
The Moon
Miniature Sheet
June 12th Royal Norwegian Society for Development bicentenary.  Bicentenary
June 12th Submarine Branch centenary.  First Norwegian Submarine
Latest Norwegian Submarine
June 12th Norwegian Year of Cultural Heritage.  Kurér Radio
Telphone Kiosk
August 4th Knut Hamsun - 150th Anniversary.  Knut Hamsun
August 21st Norwegian Pop - Norwegian Rock Pioneers.  Per "Elvis" Granberg
Roald Stensby
Rocke-Pelle (Per Hartvig)
Jan Rohde
September 15th Shipping Association Anniversary.  Ship
October 8h Norwegian Association for the Blind Anniversary.  Man and guide dog
November 16h Norwegian Art III.  Woman on a man's lap
Birds in flight
Granite head on its side
November 16h Christmas Stamps.  Woman on a man's lap