February 8th Valentines day  Valentines Day
Valentines Day
February 21st Wild Animals in Norway III  Moose
March 14th Norwegian Ski Association centenary  Thorleif Haug
Espen Bredesen
Children on skis
Kjetil André Aamodt
March 27th Norse mythology ? mythical places  Harald Fairhair and Snøfrid
Dovre Mountains
Miniature Sheet
April 12th New Operahouse in Oslo  The Oprehouse seen from the Oslofjord
April 12th Personal Anniversaries  Frederik Stang
Henrik Wergeland
April 12th Tourist Stamps  Oslo harbour
Sunnmøre Alps
Kjerag boulder
Lyngør lighthouse
June 6th Centenarians in the service of communication  S/S ?Børøysund?
S/S ?Oster?
Norway?s first bus
the Thamshavn line
June 6th Stavanger ?European City of Culture? 2008  ?Dancer in a Cultural Landscape?
?Swords in Rock?
?The Thousandth Heart?
Miniature Sheet
August 8th Summer Olympics 2008  Andreas Thorkildsen
Gro Hammerseng
September 5th Personalised Stamps  Norway Post Logo
My Stamp
October 23rd Stamps Exhibition  "Nordia 2008"
October 24th Norwegian Art  Arne Ekeland
Kåre Tveit
Inger Sitter
Terje Bergstad
November 17th Christmas Stamps  Christmas Gnomes I
Christmas Gnomes II