January 7th Erik Werenskiold  Fairytale illustrations I
Fairytale illustrations II
February 4th Valentines Day  Valentine
February 4th The Church City Mission's 150th anniversary.  Soup kitchen
Street church service
February 4th Personal anniversaries  Nic Waal
Aase Gruda Skard
April 15th Norway in 100 Years.  Future City
Future Class-room
April 15th Definitive Stamps.  Posthorn
April 15th Tourist Stamps.  Geiranger Fjord
May 27th Dissolution of the Union with Sweden.  Prime Minister Christian Michelsen
King Haakon VII
Miniature Sheet
June 7th Great moments of the last hundred years.  King Haakon VII
Crown Prins Olav
King Olav V
Prime Minister Trygve Brattelid
Norway - Brazil 2 - 1
June 7th Norwegian square rigg.  Christian Radich
Statsraad Lehmkuhl
September 1st Marine life in Norway II.  Grampush
Sea Anenome
September 1st Lighthouses.  Jomfruland lighthouse
Tranøy lighthouse
September 16th Europa stamps.  Gastronomy I
Gastronomy II
September 16th Telegraph Service 150th anniversary.  Telegraph history
Today's telecommunications
September 16th Geological Society of Norway centenary.  Thortveitite
Norwegian continental shelf
November 17th Norwegian stamps 150th anniversary.  Stamps I
Stamps II
Miniature Sheet
November 18th The Royal House Centenary.  King Haakon VII
Three royal generations
November 19th Christmas Stamps.  Christmas tree